Rick Dobson - Bird and Nature Photography | About
As long as I can remember I have marvelled at the beauty and mystery of nature. As a child, swamps and forests fascinated me with their vast array of reptiles, amphibians, birds, mamals and wildlife. Growing up and living in Eastern Ontario, Newfoundland and Northern Ontario, I took up canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing and hunting. These activities kept me happily outdoors in natural surroundings.

I always had an interest in photography but in 2007 I started spending a lot more of my time carrying a camera. In no time at all, bird and nature photography became everything to me. My passion for hunting and fishing has been replaced with the wonderful satisfaction of taking that "almost perfect" image.

I am currently using the Canon 1D Mark IV body and the 500mm f/4 IS as my principle camera and lens.

Most of my photo subjects come from my home base and the vicinity of Ottawa, Canada. However, I have spent a considerable amount of time photographing wildlife and landscapes in Newfoundland and more recently, Costa Rica.

As for other interests, my wife Marion and I are avid runners and enjoy physical fitness. Each May month I run the full marathon (42.2km) in the Ottawa Race Weekend. I also do weight training four times a week. Staying in good physical condition is definitely an asset when it comes to fully enjoying the outdoors and it will certainly factor in if I want to continue doing nature photography for the rest of my life.

Thank you again for visiting my site and I hope you enjoyed viewing and sharing my appreciation of birds and nature.